Phi Delta Epsilon Merchandise Policy


Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity values integrity.  Our image and reputation grows as a result of who we are and how we are portrayed to the public.  As such, we take pride in our trademarked images.  Only vendors officially licensed by the Fraternity (or through its agents) have the right to produce merchandise for commercial purposes using the PhiDE name, letters, or insignia. All uses must be in good taste and in keeping with the policies of the Fraternity. Items categorically rejected include those containing obvious copyright violations, obscene language, nudity, gross sexual innuendo or images, or any item promoting or alluding to any action or ceremony in violation of risk management.

Phi Delta Epsilon’s members and chapters may use trademarked images for non-commercial use. Examples may include (but are not limited to) chapter recruitment materials, personal mementos, and event or personal promotions. Members and chapters can use their creativity to design custom merchandise as long as the final product is produced by one of our licensed vendors.

Phi Delta Epsilon’s protected trademarks and symbols include, but are not limited to, the Greek letters, “PhiDE,” “Stand For The Kids,” “Anatomy Fashion Show,” our official Seal, Crest, or any logos representing Phi Delta Epsilon events or programs.

Members should look for the "Official Licensed Product" seal when purchasing Phi Delta Epsilon items. To ensure you are buying licensed products, start your search at Affinity Licensing| Phi Delta Epsilon this is a list of all our licensed vendors for you to choose from for any product you wish to create and make. Or you can shop our own personal marketplace  with designs already created at: or Find Greek| Phi Delta Epsilon

Any group or individual that wishes to trade on the goodwill associated with Phi Delta Epsilon’s marks, and benefit commercially from the utilization of those marks, must become licensed in order to do so. A vendor, chapter, or member is not required to become licensed in order to resell products produced by a licensed manufacturer, so long as they do not further embellish the product or expand on the use of the insignia. To become a Licensed Vendor, a company must complete three simple steps:

1. Register through the online vendor Gateway.
2. Submit the online application.
3. Get approved and start selling!

Any product in violation of this policy will be subject to immediate ban and confiscation, regardless of the cost to the purveyor.

For additional information regarding this policy, please contact our International Executive Office at