Our Guiding Principles and Precepts


Mission statement: Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles.

Vision Statement: We develop physicians who positively impact the world, inspire others to greatness, and lead by example.

Guiding Principles

  • Philanthropy: Phi Delta Epsilon believes in giving back to our global community. Our international philanthropic and service partner is Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH).
  • Deity: This is a reminder that there is a greater power in healing.
  • Education & Equity: Our chapters represent the diversity in medicine. We treat all members and patients kindly, nonjudgmentally and respectfully. We never stop learning and are students for life.

Precepts: Since 1904, our Fraternity has been continuously striving to meet the following objectives:

  • To promote fellowship, equality, and unity.
  • To promote the highest scientific and educational standards in the field of medicine.
  • To promote, uphold, and maintain the highest standards of ethics in the practice of medicine, medical teaching, and research.
  • To promote non-profit service to the community.
  • To promote discussions at all Fraternity levels of current social and economic issues as related to medicine, the practice of medicine, and other healthcare-related matters.