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With the assistance of the Phi Delta Epsilon Foundation, our Fraternity has entered its second century as a growing, dynamic organization. Only with the help of members like you can we continue our Aaron Brown and William Gelfand lecture series, as well as other educational programs which benefit our medical school and premedical members.

A Board of Directors, composed of past presidents of Phi Delta Epsilon governs the Foundation. Its purpose is to advance the Mission and Goals of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity.

A 10-member board of directors governs the Foundation. Its charge is to develop long-range plans, establish and review policies, monitor performance of investment managers, provide a fiduciary responsibility to donors and promote giving opportunities.

However you choose to support the Medical Foundation, you will be embarking on a partnership with world’s foremost Medical Fraternity. Your gift can make the difference in a promising student's ability to realize his or her dream of a quality medical education and will support the professional development of members through international events and educational programs.


Give a Gift

Build the Foundation through an array of Giving Programs! All gifts to our Foundation Funds are tax deductible and will be recognized in our next journal. Thank you for your support!

For more information about any of the following giving programs, please contact:

Foundation office at 786-302-1120 or [email protected]

Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Foundation
714 Lyndon Lane, Suite 2
Louisville, KY 40222

Estate Giving:

The Foundation invites you to consider leaving a legacy for future members of Phi Delta Epsilon. This type of planned gift can have specific tax advantages and can include lifetime income to a beneficiary or beneficiaries named by the donor through a will. Medical Foundation donors can utilize planned giving methods and enjoy the benefits today: capital gains tax savings, increased income, and income tax savings, to name a few. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure your financial security or that of a loved one.

Caduceus Circle:

This is open to those members attending college and Medical School. Members pledge to donate at least $10 each year while in school and $50 or more each year after graduation to the Medical Foundation. In addition, members pledge to remain active in the Fraternity throughout their lives.

Honorary/Memorial Gifts:

Celebrate a birthday or honor an outstanding PhiDE with a contribution to the Medical Foundation.

Stock & Securities:

A gift of stock or closely held securities can benefit you and the Foundation. Here's how:

  • Income tax deduction for the donor for the charitable contribution
  • No capital gains tax on the appreciation in value
  • The Foundation receives the proceeds of the redeemed stock or securities immediately.

George Craft, MD Fund:

Donations made to this fund will enhance the Fraternity's educational activities and provide much needed resources to premedical and medical chapters. Its purpose is to advance the educational Mission and Goals of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity. To learn more about George Craft, MD and the Fund click below.

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