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Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.
In October of 1904, Aaron Brown and eight of his friends founded Phi Delta Epsilon at Cornell University Medical College. At that time, there were many doors closed to Jewish medical students and physicians, doors which would not fully open until after World War II.
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The PhiDE Medical Program: PhiDE addresses the needs of medical students

Phi Delta Epsilon was founded in 1904 as a professional fraternity supporting the need for camaraderie and mentoring among medical students. Since then, the membership has changed dramatically but the mission and objectives of our organization remain the same. PhiDE provides educational opportunities, supports philanthropic projects, and serves as a foundation for the development of relationships among medical professionals throughout the entire spectrum of a medical career.

PhiDE is committed to supporting a new generation of health care professionals and addressing the complex agendas of today’s men and women seeking careers in medicine. The fundamental objectives of the medical program are to provide the resources and information to assist the medical students in making an informed choice in selecting medicine as a career, deciding which specialty to pursue, and preparing for residency training and the practice of medicine

To accomplish these objectives, PhiDE has mobilized its most important resource – the membership – to develop and implement the medical student program. PhiDE will strive to connect its medical student members with its premedical students, practicing physicians, and emeritus members – a network of more than 35,000 members through whom the medical student members can gain first-hand information about the medical profession.

PhiDE has developed a variety of educational programming for its medical chapters to sponsor, including panel discussions, hospital tours, distinguished lectures and seminars. Each medical student member will receive a subscription to PhiDE’s publication, the PhiDE News and Scientific Journal, and access to our Internet Forum. In addition, the medical student member receives a Fraternity pin, membership certificate, membership ID card and discounts on PhiDE sponsored credit card and insurance programs. This and more, is available to medical students as the PhiDE medical program continues to grow and prosper, offering new and relevant benefits for those considering a career in medicine.