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Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity, and education through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.
In October of 1904, Aaron Brown and eight of his friends founded Phi Delta Epsilon at Cornell University Medical College. At that time, there were many doors closed to Jewish medical students and physicians, doors which would not fully open until after World War II.
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George Craft, MD
February 27, 1924 – August 4, 2008
International President, Phi Delta Epsilon, 1987-1988
Executive Director, Phi Delta Epsilon, 1998 - 2005

The George Craft Fund was started in August 2008 in honor of our past Executive Director and International President, George Craft, MD. Donations made to this fund will enhance the Fraternity's educational activities and provide much needed resources to premedical and medical chapters. Its purpose is to advance the educational Mission and Goals of Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity.

With the assistance of the Phi Delta Epsilon Foundation, our Fraternity has entered its second century as a growing, dynamic organization. Only with the help of members like you can we continue our Aaron Brown and William Gelfand lecture series, as well as other educational programs which benefit our medical school and pre-medical members.

All gifts to our Foundation Funds are tax deductible and will be recognized in our next journal. Thank you for your support!

To donate to our Fraternity Foundation, please contact the Foundation office at 502-584-6666 or phide@phide.org.

George Craft Remembered...

“George Craft was a true friend and family man. He would do anything for you, whether a patient, friend, Frater, or family member. I think his secret was to be true to himself, and comfortable in his own skin. He carried his same values and approach in all aspects of his life. There was no pretense. He looked at life and people squarely and honestly. And, he was always there to help.

You could always get a twinkle and bounce in George’s eyes when discussing our families. His pride and love for his children was matched with his sincere concern for yours. He always asked and kept up with my family’s projects and endeavors. He loved life and always finished with, “Well, give your wife, Jean, a big hug and a kiss for me”, with a mischievous grin from ear to ear! That’s our George!”
-Martin Acquadro, MD, Boston, MA

“Dr. Craft was a role model to many of us, as a frater, a physician and as a father. He always had time for the newest members of PhiDE and would share his warmth and his wisdom with all. He will be sorely missed.”
-Brian Zachariah, MD, Houston, TX


“George was my father figure in Phi Delta Epsilon. He was first a friend, then a mentor as I rose through the Fraternity, but mostly he was a confidante and someone whose advice I sought and trusted. George and his family have always been welcoming and nurturing and, wonderfully, they have given me a lifelong friend in Alissa. George left an indelible influence on me and represents everything wonderful about PhiDE.”
-Lowell D. Katz, MD, Louisville, KY

“My memory of George is that he was always very stoic in his understanding of the dynamics of our various personalities and always had a smile and a warm regard for how to handle the problems that we created as we got into them. If that didn't work he would just bellow "STEVE" and shake his head in disbelief with a grin from ear to ear. I will miss his grin and his disbelief in me, it made me feel young.”
-Steve Soldinger, MD, Los Angeles, CA

For almost forty years, George Craft had been an integral part of our family. As a frater, he was a respected leader, who held every important office in PDE, finishing as our last Executive Director. He served with integrity, wisdom, and foresight, energy, steadiness,and confidence that carried us through good and troubled times to new breaths and heights. He was my learned and generous mentor, my trusted and true friend, and a beloved member of our extended family.

George Craft was PDE through and through. His lifetime of exemplary service to our fraternity made him one of our all time greats. But he saved his greatest gift for last. He gave us Alissa. His legacy will light the way for future PDE generations.”
-Lewis Green, MD, Delray Beach, FL